This is a list of frequently asked questions from our customers. Give us a call 360-966-7502 or email us at info@mtbakercable.com if you have any additional questions.

When is my payment due?

Payment is due as indicated on the billing statement.

What is data transfer?

All activity online is about transferring data. A web page is in essence a file, and when you visit a web page you are downloading that file, and everything included on the page, such as the pictures.

You may also send/receive email, download files from the web, stream video, play games, or upload files. All this activity transfers data back and forth in various amounts.

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Why charge data transfer fees for use beyond the included data transfer amount?

When a network’s usage is unbalanced, such as when a small percentage of the people on the network use a large percentage of the network’s bandwidth, then it takes additional resources to manage that network and to make sure that all users on the network can access the internet according to their service level.

We believe that a fair solution is to have those heavy users contribute more towards the management resources required to accommodate their additional network use. Therefore, we have set a monthly data transfer amount that is included with each internet service level, and reasonable fees for additional data transfer usage beyond those levels.

What counts toward the data usage transfer amount?

All activity that takes place over your internet connection that involves data being transferred (downstream / downloading and upstream / uploading are aggregated for purposes of determining your consumption) during each calendar month.

This includes all devices in your home that utilize this internet connection, including laptops, desktops, gaming consoles, or handheld devices..

Can I be notified when I am close to the amount of data transfer usage allocated to my account?

You may sign up to receive an email notification when you are approaching the usage amount included with your service level.

What if there are multiple internet users in my household?

We are tracking data transfer usage at the internet service account level. We cannot track usage for individual users on that account. So if all members in the household are using the same internet service account, then all their data transfer activity will count towards the overall account usage..

My reported data usage seems too high, or doesn't match the days I've accessed the internet. What might be causing this?

If you have multiple internet users in your household using the same account, internet activity for all users will be aggregated at the account level. So it may be that other users in your household may account for the usage.

If you use a WiFi router in conjunction with your internet service, that WiFi connection may not be properly secured and other users outside your household could be using the connection, adding to your data transfer usage. This can also present a serious security risk to any personal data on your computer(s).

If you are using a router and are unsure if your WiFi connection is secure, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to verify.

You may have a virus or malware on your computer that accounts for the additional data transfer usage. Properly installed and regularly updated anti-virus software should protect you from this possibility, in most cases.

What information is on my monthly bill statement?

Your monthly cable bill not only gives you a listing of your current charges, payments and credits, but it may also contain special messages regarding service. Please take time to review your bill to ensure your name, address and other information is correct. Generally, you will be billed the same time every month unless you are notified otherwise.

How is service billed?

Your cable service is provided on a month-to-month basis. The monthly service charge, which includes any equipment lease fees and any installation charge, are normally payable when service is installed. After that, we will bill you each month in advance for service and any fees associated with activity on your account.

Your cable bill will include a list of your services, payments, credits and any applicable fees..

How is my monthly fee charged?

Monthly fees for your service are billed one month in advance. New customers may see a greater monthly fee on their first bill. This reflects any service fees not paid at the time of installation, the monthly service charge from activation to the end of the first billing period, and the next month of service.

What is the balance forward item on my bill?

Your balance forward should always be zero unless we did not receive a payment for a previous month. If there is an amount listed, this is due immediately. It is possible that your bill was printed before your payment was received, in which case you may have a balance forward amount listed.

Please call to ensure we received payment. If you believe there is an error on your bill, please contact us immediately.

What does it mean when my bill statement has been pro-rated?

A pro-rated charge reflects the length of time you use services. For example, if you add, change, or drop a service in the middle of the month, you will be charged a portion of the full monthly price based on the number of days you have had the service.

Why isn't my latest payment reflected on my new billing statement?

It is possible that your bill was printed before your payment was received, in which case you may have a balance forward amount listed. Please call to ensure we received payment. If you believe there is an error on your bill, please contact us immediately.

What payment options are available?

By Mail: PO Box 29534, Bellingham WA 98228

Online at https://www.mtbakercable.com

Pay over the phone at 1-866-396-3016 directly with your debit or credit card.

What if I miss the payment due date, or do not pay the full amount due?

By not paying the invoiced amount each month, your account may be subject to late fees and potential termination of service..